About Us

To bridge the gap between schools and the wider community in STEM education, blurring the boundaries between them and fostering a culture of innovation and creativity.

To be a service provider in high quality STREAM programmes which inspire and provide the necessary skills in science & technology, both in school and out of school settings, bringing greater synergy between the formal and informal sector

What is STREAM?

Science and Technology interpreted through Engineering and the Arts, conveyed through reading and writing, all based in elements of Mathematics

A coordinating body for STREAM events

The need for collaboration on a small island like Malta is a necessity.

engageSTREAM will be setting up a sub-committee with different stakeholders involved in STREAM events with the aim to collaborate, streamline and make efficient use of available resources.

Developing a network of STEM ambassadors

engageSTREAM will embark on developing a network of STEM ambassadors – a network of people from both education and industry who are interested in helping others understand the real ways in which science is conducted and how science works, who will talk about their experiences and act as role models.

Schools will be encouraged to make use of the services of these ambassadors not only in the promotion of STEM careers, but also in the classroom as part of formal education and as an added resource to teaching; engaging young people with cutting edge science.

These ambassadors will also be encouraged to participate in public events, bringing science closer to the public; advancing the field of engagement with science and technology.

It is vital that scientific discoveries and innovation are recognized and communicated to society in a way that validates the important role they play in our daily lives      – Professor Stephen Hawking

Developing specialist programmes for schools and the general public

engageSTREAM will provide various training opportunities. It will also invest in programs to engage young people in phenomenon-based learning that inspire, encourage innovation and foster 21st century skills, such as learning to learn, thinking critically and creatively, collaborating and communicating. In this way, they can better respond to the needs of working life and engage in lifelong learning.

Look out for these forthcoming events!

  • Training sessions for both researchers and educators
  • An annual conference
  • A newsletter
  • Creativity & Innovation seminars
  • Student, adult and family STEM sessions
  • Field trips
  • Junior & Senior leagues

and more!